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It's definitely a shame that you can't simply enter your username on a War Dragons generator and acquire all these resources for free, but let's be sincere here, it would just be too excellent to be true.

Nevertheless, we have actually discovered a method to obtain Rubies, Egg Tokens and Elite totally free. Naturally utilizing this approach will be a bit more time consuming than pushing a couple of buttons on a generator, however a minimum of this technique actually works. And it's still very quick and easy to do.

To give you an appropriate explanation of our technique we've chosen to produce a guide. In this guide we teach you step by step how you can reproduce our approach and obtain rubies, egg tokens and elite represent totally free.

Accesing our guide is complimentary, and the method in it deals with both the Android and iPhone version of the game. In addition, there's no requirement to jailbreak or root your phone.

This is the only working approach of getting totally free Rubies, Egg Tokens and Elite Account. Click the button below to access our guide!

Version 4.91. Last Updated: 28/5/2017 EDT

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